Are you interested in partnering with a leading online hair care retailer?

 Here at Sleekshop, our top priority is bringing the best hair care brands to our incredible customers.

 Since setting up shop in 1997, we’ve partnered with hundreds of classic and emerging brands from around the globe and enjoy serving customers in 60+ countries.

 We’re known for:

     Customer service that says “You matter”

     Speedy shipping

     A jaw-dropping selection of 70,000+ hair and beauty products

 Here at Sleekshop we're always looking for new brands to offer on our site. We owe much of our success to the collaborative way in which we navigate brand relationships.

 If you partner with us, we promise to:

     Ask for and apply your feedback to our operations and approach.

     Educate customers about your brand and products through both our website and our customer service interactions.

     Share your brand products through our informative video tutorials, buying guides, and beauty blogs.

     Act as ambassadors for your brand, featuring your products in our social media spotlights, email newsletters, and published customer reviews.

 Please email with the following information if you believe Sleekshop customers will love your products:

     Company name

     Brief summary of business model and offerings

     Company website URL

     Annual sales revenue

     Contact name

     Contact email

     Phone number