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Arimino SPICE SHOWER FREEZE Hair Spray (STYLIST KIT) Hairspray


This kit includes a Sleek Steel Pin Tail Comb for easy styling, application, and separation of hair!

What it is:
Arimino Shower offering the simple styling hair care with a soft and light finish.

What it does:
Spice Shower ""Freeze"" Spray is non-sticky and is ideal for enhancing waves and short, razor hair cuts.

What else you need to know:
Freeze will hold both the softest and hardest of styles with flexibility and strength.

INGREDIENTS: alcohol, dimethyl ether, petroleum distillates, ampd-acrylates/diacetoneacrylamide copolymer, water, fragrance, peg-18, phenyl trimethicone, squalane

DIRECTIONS: Apply to pre-dried hair at the roots, blow-dry and style. Apply to dry hair, all over, manipulate into desired finish.

Arimino SPICE SHOWER FREEZE Hair Spray (STYLIST KIT) Hairspray
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