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BDB Take Back Your Browns Kit

Makeup & Skin / Eyes / Eyebrows

What it is:
Our patented Brow Buddy Tool will show you where to start, arch and end your brows with precision and ease.

What it does:
The Brow Buddy makes shaping your brows incredibly fast and simple.

What else you need to know:
Unlike eyebrow stencils, this handy tool takes into account YOUR facial shape, giving you perfectly symmetrical, beautifully shaped brows.

Step 1: Start

  • Most eyebrows are either too far apart or too close together. The Brow Buddy Tool solves this problem by showing you exactly wh

    ere your brows should start.
  • Step 2: Arch

  • Creating an arch is tricky unless you have the Brow Buddy Tool. By using your unique facial features, this tool takes the mystery out of creating a beautiful arch.
  • Step 3: End

  • A common brow shaping mistake is taking too much off the ends. The Brow Buddy Tool makes this impossible by showing you exactly where your brows should end.
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    BDB Take Back Your Browns Kit
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