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Fun Sexy Hair MERMAID GLOW GETTER, Root Glitter Gel 1.7 oz with SLEEK PIN COMB


includes a Sleek Steel Pin Tail Comb for easy styling, application of glitter gel, and separation of hair!

What it is:
Mermaid Glow Getter came straight from under the sea to make your hair glow! Even the darkest strands will shine bright with this iridescent color. Mermaid Glow Getter features a mess-free application and squeeze tube with brush tip applicator.

What else you need to know:
It's the perfect accessory for festivals, concerts, a night on the town - or to cheer you up on a Monday morning!

Apply directly onto hair using the brush tip applicator. Create various looks by brushing in at the roots or throughout the hair.

The limited-edition glitter gel is perfect for a sea of concerts, dance parties or even prom, thanks to its high-shine sparkles and mess-free application. The iridescent turquoise enhances even the darkest of hair colors. Mermaid Glow Getter comes complete in a squeeze tube with a brush tip applicator, allowing for precise dispersal on all hair types. Simply squeeze the tube directly onto hair roots at the part. Use the mess-free brush tip applicator to apply to the desired area and let dry.


includes a Sleek Steel Pin Tail Comb for easy styling, application of glitter gel, and separation of hair!

What it is:
Mermaid Glow Getter came straight from under the sea to make your hair glow! Even the darkest strands will shine bright with this iridescent color. Mermaid Glow Getter features a mess-free application and squeeze tube with brush tip applicator.

What else you need to know:
It's the perfect accessory for festivals, concerts, a night on the town - or to cheer you up on a Monday morning!

Apply directly onto hair using the brush tip applicator. Create various looks by brushing in at the roots or throughout the hair.

The limited-edition glitter gel is perfect for a sea of concerts, dance parties or even prom, thanks to its high-shine sparkles and mess-free application. The iridescent turquoise enhances even the darkest of hair colors. Mermaid Glow Getter comes complete in a squeeze tube with a brush tip applicator, allowing for precise dispersal on all hair types. Simply squeeze the tube directly onto hair roots at the part. Use the mess-free brush tip applicator to apply to the desired area and let dry.
Fun Sexy Hair MERMAID GLOW GETTER, Root Glitter Gel 1.7 oz with SLEEK PIN COMB

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