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Milbon Straight Liscio High Solution H


What it is:
Milbon Straight Liscio High Solution Set (H) is for healthy and virgin hair. Makes beautiful straight hair. Liscio makes resistant/curly/wavy hair look naturally straight, shiny and manageable.

What it does:
Liscio Thermal Reconditioning is a technique that originated in Japan to make curly, wavy or frizzy hair, straight. The process uses both chemicals and heat to soften the bonds of the hair, reforming the bonds in a straight pattern. The end result is not only perfectly straight hair, but a glossy, smooth, and silky finish that is more healthy than before the process! Milbon's Créde Ft shampoo and Créde Er treatment have been specially formulated to enhance the soft and weightless feel of the hair, as well as maintain the manageability and silky feel.

What else you need to know:
These products are designed to be used with the Liscio service and will maintain your beautiful, straight hairstyle. Because some shampoos and conditioners have adverse effects on the hair after it has been thermally reconditioned, it is very important to follow a strict routine with regard to shampoo and conditioner.

Milbon Straight Liscio High Solution H