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My Beauty Diary Facial Sheet Mask (w/ Mirror) #1 Selling Face Mask in Asia, Thin


includes a Sleek Compact Mirror for your daily travel and beauty needs!

The brand that started the sheet mask craze, My Beauty Diary is the #1 selling mask in Asia. They offer a wide range of masks for every skin concern and season, making this brand perfect for the skincare beginner to a beauty aficionado. My Beauty Diary is an innovative company that strives to sell only products of highest and safe quality, while maintaining its affordability.

My Beauty Diary persistent moisturizing ingredients Cosphingo perfect combination of Aquaroad provide efficient ultimate moisturizing skin moisturizing factor, let the water soak rough, dry keratin molecules from the inside out once the full complement level, improve skin deep moisturizing endurance, show water, water, soft water lock after health.

Considered as the holy grail of face masks by most Asian beauty lovers, My Beauty Diary addresses the most common Asian skin problems. It offers affordable sheet masks aimed at restoring a gentle and youthful look for your skin. My Beauty Diary is also praised across Asia as the Best Selling Facial Mask and Experts’ and Consumers’ Choice in Singapore, and awarded first place at 2015 @ Cosme Best Cosmetics Award in Japan.

Sheet masks are widely popular in the Asian beauty scene especially with the ever-famous Korean skincare. Each sheet is packed with concentrated essence that gives the skin intense hydration and other effects depending on its ingredients and target problems. A quick 15-20 minute skin-pampering with a sheet mask results in more supple and brighter skin.

To Use: After cleansing and toning, apply mask to face. After 20-30 minutes, gently remove mask and use fingertips to massage excess serum into skin.

Tip: Use your mask after a workout or sauna session. This allows for better absorption since your pores will be open

My Beauty Diary Facial Sheet Mask (w/ Mirror) #1 Selling Face Mask in Asia, Thin
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