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ong Sexy Hair Color Safe LUXURIOUS Shampoo & Conditioner DUO Set


includes a Sleek Compact Mirror for your daily travel and beauty needs!

Sexy Hair Long Sexy Hair Color Safe Luxurious Shampoo is infused with Moringa Oil & Biotin. Long Sexy Hair helps provide better detangling, moisture and shine preventing hair from excessive dryness, dullness and damage. What it does: The #1 concern for long hair & extensions is detangling. When your hair is long or you have extensions, tangles can become a real problem! The color safe luxurious shampoo is free of SL & SLE Sulfates and gives long hair & extensions added detangling, moisture and shine.

Sexy Hair Long Sexy Hair Color Safe Luxurious Conditioner is part of a hair care regimen designed specifically for the needs of long hair and extensions. What it does: This gentle Color Safe Detangling & Moisturizing Conditioner is formulated with Moringa Oil & Biotin to help provide slip, moisture and shine to long hair and extensions.


includes a Sleek Compact Mirror for your daily travel and beauty needs!

Sexy Hair Long Sexy Hair Color Safe Luxurious Shampoo is infused with Moringa Oil & Biotin. Long Sexy Hair helps provide better detangling, moisture and shine preventing hair from excessive dryness, dullness and damage. What it does: The #1 concern for long hair & extensions is detangling. When your hair is long or you have extensions, tangles can become a real problem! The color safe luxurious shampoo is free of SL & SLE Sulfates and gives long hair & extensions added detangling, moisture and shine.

Sexy Hair Long Sexy Hair Color Safe Luxurious Conditioner is part of a hair care regimen designed specifically for the needs of long hair and extensions. What it does: This gentle Color Safe Detangling & Moisturizing Conditioner is formulated with Moringa Oil & Biotin to help provide slip, moisture and shine to long hair and extensions.
ong Sexy Hair Color Safe LUXURIOUS Shampoo & Conditioner DUO Set

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