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Phyto Paris Repair Intensive Repair Mask

Embark on a journey to revive your hair with Phyto Paris Repair Intensive Repair Mask. Indulge in the transformative powers of this Intensive Repair Mask, designed to breathe new life into damaged and brittle hair fibers.

At the heart of this repair mask lies the revolutionary "Keratin A18+" complex, a cutting-edge blend inspired by botanical excellence. Crafted with 18 powerful amino acids, this biomimetic keratin acts as an intra-fiber filler, meticulously rebuilding your strands from within. Derived from the exquisite Black Oat and Lupin, this potent botanical keratin is further amplified with amino acids to ensure your hair is fortified with unrivaled resilience, promoting a naturally healthy radiance.

Enhancing the efficacy of this formula is the inclusion of white mallow extract, known to amplify your hair's luminosity, leading to locks that exude unparalleled shine. With each application of the Phyto Paris Repair Intensive Repair Mask, witness a remarkable restoration of your hair's strength and vitality, as it undergoes a rejuvenating transformation like never before.

Experience the art of botanical restoration with Phyto Paris, and embrace hair that not only looks renewed but feels wonderfully revitalized. Nourish your hair with the care it deserves and reignite its inner beauty with the exceptional Repair Intensive Repair Mask.
Phyto Paris Repair Intensive Repair Mask
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