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Redken Urban Experiment 13 Nylon Clay



Redken Urban Experiment 13 Nylon Clay lets you weave this nylon-infused clay through sections of damp hair and spin in twisted twines with subdued luster. Nylon Clay by Redken lets you achieve tight twists, mouldable loops and dreadlocks with semi-satin surface reflection. Works by powering wavy/curly hair fibers into high-textured moldable loops and tight ropes.

Directions: Apply to towel-dried hair and twist sections into ropes. Diffuse at low-temperature. Finish with cool air to lock-in your semi-satin loops.

Styling Suggestions: Apply to damp ¼ sections of hair, twist and diffuse for matte, textured and individualized loops. Or to finish curly hair, apply it at the ends and twist sections for more control and definition. Or for short hair, apply it to damp hair and blow dry.

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Redken Urban Experiment 13 Nylon Clay

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