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REF Reference of Sweden 424 Forming Cream

Hair Care / Styling & Finishing / Pomade, Pastes, Wax

What it is:
Reference of Sweden Forming Cream with Nordic Complex offers long-lasting flexible hold, texture and increased volume.

What it does:
This professional hair shaper has been formulated to create defined styles that demand flexibility and body. Forming Cream is a cutting-edge hair styling product that structures your style and locks it into place with a powerfful holding mechanism that doesn't 'harden' and allows bounce and flexiblilty.

What else you need to know:
This nourishing and protective anti-oxidant ingreduent has been developed by Reference of Sweden to care for the hair and scalp whilst maintaining your look. Nordic Complex has been created using extracts from Lingonberry, Cloudberry & Blackberry, all renowned for their super-fruit properties.

Warm a small amount of the cream between the fingertips then stroke through the hair. Style as required. Only apply the cream as you're forming your look. Don't apply it to all of your hair as this will make achieving your style much harder.
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REF Reference of Sweden 424 Forming Cream
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