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Remino Style Emulsion 10 Ultra Hard

Remino Style Emulsion 10 Ultra Hard

The strong holding power creates defined sharp edges. Ideal for creating natural look for wavy hair. Makes nice bouncy curls. Used as a conditioning agent when mixed with other styling products.

Shea Butter: A natural ingredient that protects hair from drying out. It gives shine and moisture to hair.
18-MEA (Methyl Eicosenoic Acid): A fatty acid that functions as the cuticle lost in hair. It locks the ingredients penetrated and moisture in hair.
Amino Acid, similar to Ceramide Ingredient: Amino Acid (Glutamic and Lysin) and Fatty Acid extracted from vegetable, repairs the damaged part and gives luster and moisture to hair.

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Remino Style Emulsion 10 Ultra Hard
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