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Salerm 21 LEAVE-IN Conditioner, B5 Provitamin Lipsomes Silk Protein (w/ Comb)


includes a Sleek Steel Pin Tail Comb for easy styling and separation of hair!

What it is: Salerm21 is an innovative formula which hydrates, protects and acts as a conditioner, with 2+1 effect (salerm 21), depending on the application method. Its scientific development based upon silk proteins and provitamin B5, adds shine and life to hair.

What it does: Protects against: Sunlight, heat, pool chlorine and sea water. What else you need to know: Recommended for: Damaged, treated, porous or dehydrated hair. Key Ingredients: Silk Proteins and provitamin B5 The solution for damaged and dry hair Provitamin B5 multiplies the effects by tenfold Salerm 21 is more than just a conditioning mask or leave-in conditioner.

Its formula based on silk proteins reaches the hair€™s core, caring for and revitalizing hair from its first use. Salerm 21 improves shine and brings damaged hair back to life. It also protects from the sun, chlorine, salt water and heat. Show off hydrated hair with amazing shine thanks to the action of Salerm 21.

HOW TO USE Hydrating: after washing, apply a hazelnut sized amount of Salerm 21 and smooth over the hair. Make sure you take special care to cover ends and damaged areas. Leave-in. Style as usual. Mask: for badly damaged hair apply from 0,17 to 0,34oz and leave on to work for 5 minutes. Rinse and then style. Protector: to avoid breakages due to tangling. Apply a hazelnut sized amount of Salerm 21 to dry hair and brush.


includes a Sleek Steel Pin Tail Comb for easy styling and separation of hair!

What it is: Salerm21 is an innovative formula which hydrates, protects and acts as a conditioner, with 2+1 effect (salerm 21), depending on the application method. Its scientific development based upon silk proteins and provitamin B5, adds shine and life to hair. 

What it does: Protects against: Sunlight, heat, pool chlorine and sea water. What else you need to know: Recommended for: Damaged, treated, porous or dehydrated hair. Key Ingredients: Silk Proteins and provitamin B5 The solution for damaged and dry hair Provitamin B5 multiplies the effects by tenfold Salerm 21 is more than just a conditioning mask or leave-in conditioner. 

Its formula based on silk proteins reaches the hair€™s core, caring for and revitalizing hair from its first use. Salerm 21 improves shine and brings damaged hair back to life. It also protects from the sun, chlorine, salt water and heat. Show off hydrated hair with amazing shine thanks to the action of Salerm 21. 

HOW TO USE Hydrating: after washing, apply a hazelnut sized amount of Salerm 21 and smooth over the hair. Make sure you take special care to cover ends and damaged areas. Leave-in. Style as usual. Mask: for badly damaged hair apply from 0,17 to 0,34oz and leave on to work for 5 minutes. Rinse and then style. Protector: to avoid breakages due to tangling. Apply a hazelnut sized amount of Salerm 21 to dry hair and brush.
Salerm 21 LEAVE-IN Conditioner, B5 Provitamin Lipsomes Silk Protein (w/ Comb)
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