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Salerm Aloe Vera Zero Activator Cream


What it is:
Zero ammonia-free color activator for demi-permanent coloration. Ideal for tone on tone and shades that do not require clarification.

What it does:
Zero ammonia-free dye developer especially indicated for demi-permanent coloring (tone on tone) and shading or corrections that do not require rinsing. Its oxidizing power has been designed to reveal the dyes, fixing them strongly inside the cortex, but without causing a degradation of the natural melanin and therefore without lightening the natural base of the hair. We achieve a lasting result and maximum care for the hair fiber. Its formulation, in addition to Aloe Vera, contains low molecular weight Keratin to provide treatment to the hair structure, making the hair come out of the process more strengthened.

Salerm Aloe Vera Zero Activator Cream
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