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Salerm Lashes Multiplier Volume Mascara


What it is:
Volume Mascara Lash Multiplier envelops and embraces even the smallest lashes from root to tip. lashes appear to multiply and become thicker with long-lasting, high definition results, thanks to the perfect combination of a volume and length building formula and a mini applicator brush that amplifies lashes creating a soft and flexible finish.

What it does:
Volume Mascara Lash Multiplier offers perfect adherence and a thickening effect with flexible lash results. Perfect lashes in any environment. Moisture resistant.

What else you need to know:
High-tech, mini cylindrical brush with a hollow inner chamber that fills with product in readiness for lash application. This brush innovation guarantees extreme lash-by-lash precision, as the product is evenly applied to inner, outer and central lashes. Lash-by-lash volume and length builder for improved thickness and high-definition

Salerm Lashes Multiplier Volume Mascara
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