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Schwarzkopf BLOND ME Bond Enforcing BLONDE LIFTING 5 Levels Lift HAIR COLOR


Each tube includes a Sleek Tint Applicator Brush for easy application and mixing with developer!

BlondMe Bond Enforcing Blonde Lifting - High Performing Lifting Shades for lifting and toning in one step. Suitable for Natural bases 6 and lighter with up to 30% white.

What Does this Do:

  • Integrated bonding technology
  • Up to 5 levels of lift
  • Helps to protect the hair fiber during development for minimized hair breakage
  • Lifting and toning and/or neutralization in 1 easy step

How To Use:
Always use in combination with BLONDME Premium Developers
Mix BLONDME Blonde Lifting Cream 1:1 with BLONDME Premium Developer

Recommended Developer concentration:

  • For natural bases 6 and 7: BLONDME Premium Developer 12% (40 Vol.)
  • For natural bases 8 and lighter: BLONDME Premium Developer 9% (30 Vol.)

Application & Development

  • Apply to dry hair, do not shampoo before
  • Apply the mixture immediately after preparation
  • Apply in ne sections using a generous quantity of product in order to ensure optimal lifting and equalization
  • Development Time: 30-45 minutes
  • Additional heat is not recommended

BLONDME Blonde Toning shades can be added for individual shade creations. (Ex: 45 g BLONDME Bond Enforcing Lifting Ice + 15 g BLONDME Blonde Toning Steel Blue + 60 g BLONDME Premium Developer
If needed, refresh mid-lengths and ends using suitable BLONDME Blonde Toning shade mixed 1:1 with BLONDME Premium Developer 2% (7 Vol.)

Schwarzkopf BLOND ME Bond Enforcing BLONDE LIFTING 5 Levels Lift HAIR COLOR
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