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Sexy Bath and Body Pumpkin Butter Body Creme

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Sexy Bath and Body Pumpkin Butter Body Creme includes Pumpkin Enzymes which contain high levels of Beta-Carotene (Vitamin A) which protect skin from environmental elements, decreases oxidation and free-radical stress, plus naturally encourages cell turnover (exfoliation) to maintain healthy glowing skin complexion. The Pumpkin Enzymes are easily absorbed and leaves skin smooth and supple with a beautiful sheen. This pumpkin butter body cream is fast-absorbing and is a non-greasy formula.

Sexy Hair Bath and Body® is not only fragranced with the scrumptious smell of spicy pumpkin, it's also packed with pumpkin nutrients that provide moisture balance, replenishment and protection. Pumpkin is also a naturally rich source of Anti-Oxidants that help decrease oxidation and fight free radical stress. It also includes natural UV protectors and Vitamins A, C and E. Treat yourself to a feast of the senses, while giving your body a healthy treat, with Sexy Hair Bath and Body!

As the perfect re-charger for dull, devitalized skin, Sexy Bath and Body helps renew tired, weathered and aging skin by providing the natural, nourishing benefits of beta-carotene, protein building amino acids, polyphenols (a natural UV protector) and vitamins A, C and E. The combination of these ingredients deeply hydrate and plump the skin, stimulate collagen production and refine and even skin tone. In addition, the Sexy Bath and Body collection includes oatmeal for added exfoliation, pumpkin seed oil, shea butter, coco and sweet almond oil for added moisture balance, replenishment and protection.

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Sexy Bath and Body Pumpkin Butter Body Creme

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