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St. Tropez Tan Detox

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St. Tropez Tan Optimizer Tan Detox

This salon-inspired home treatment is designed to remove unwanted self tan build up, leaving skin ultra soft and smooth. Tan Detox is pampering bath oil that combines a luxurious blend of lavender, lemon and hazelnut oils to help create a calming spa-like environment at home. Ideal for use as part of your beauty regime, Tan Detox returns the skin to its normal tone ready for a fresh application of self tan. Includes a gentle exfoliating cloth.

Use: Run a bath as you would usually, pour 2 cap full's of oil into the water. Soak in the bath. Massage your skin in circular motions with the gentle exfoliating cloth to help remove self tan build up. After bathing, moisturize your skin with St.Tropez Body Moisturizer or Body Butter. For best results we recommend you wait 12 hours before reapplying self tan. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO CORRECT SELF TAN MISTAKES.

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St. Tropez Tan Detox

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