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Tosca Classic Leave-in Conditioner

Hair Care / Conditioner / Leave-In Cream


Tosca Classic Leave-in Conditioner: Excellent for all hair types. Moisturizes and nourishes. Provides luster and body. Eliminates static electricity. Weightless. Tosca Classic Leave-in Conditioner is excellent for shaving and moisturizing the skin.

The Tosca Classic Collection is enriched with 100% certified organic botanical extracts to clean, treat, clarify, nourish and protect hair from daily abuses. Discover the rich and satisfying benefits of using superior natural beauty ingredients. 100% Certified Organic Botanical Extracts 100% Sodium Chloride Free 100% Sulfate Free Cruelty Free MEA, DEA, TEA and carcinogen free Paraben and isothiazolinone free UVA and UVB protection against color loss and sun damage Fresh and clear aroma of sensory essential oils Compressed formulation, high lather and quick rinse Static free and humidity resistant Doesn't strip hair or color
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Tosca Classic Leave-in Conditioner

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