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Kenra Violet Shampoo

Enhance the vibrancy of your blonde or gray hair with Kenra Violet Shampoo. Say goodbye to brassy tones and hello to a fresh, revitalized look. The Kenra Violet system is designed to neutralize yellow undertones between salon visits, helping you maintain a beautiful, salon-quality color at home.

Not only does this shampoo eliminate brassiness, but it also adds radiance to your hair. You'll love the way your dull, processed hair feels moisturized and more manageable after just one use. The Kenra Violet system is color safe, so you can trust that your color will stay looking vibrant and fresh for longer.

To use, simply twist the cap to unlock, massage the shampoo into wet hair, and add water to lather. Rinse thoroughly and follow up with the Kenra Violet Conditioner for best results. For optimal maintenance, rotate this shampoo into your hair washing routine weekly.

Don't settle for lackluster hair color - enhance your vibrancy with Kenra Violet Shampoo. Say hello to radiant, beautiful hair with every wash.
Kenra Violet Shampoo
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