Eyebrows accent the overall shape of the face and allow eyes to stand out. Create beautiful brows with products for filling and shaping.

Our Pick

Favorite Features

Sleekhair Secret

The felt tip makes this marker so easy to use and gives a lot of control so you can create a natural look.

Before or after filling in, we like using an eyebrow highlighter under the brow to shape and define.

The built in brush is very convenient for shaping and defining brows. The two-in-one feature also makes it great for traveling.

Use the brush to comb through brows after filling them in, which will ensure smooth blending of the color.

The eyeliner is waterproof and the brush has a soft yet firm texture that makes sure brows are perfectly shaped.

Definitely wear this eyeliner during water activities and hot weather since it’s waterproof.

This gel sculpts eyebrows into your ideal shape without making hair too stiff.

This is ideal to use in between waxing and threading sessions, as it gives a clean, neat appearance.