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Bain De Terre Fine Solutions Starter Kit

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What is this product?
Thicker, fuller hair is just three steps away with the Fine Solutions Starter Kit. This incredible effective system works immediately to thicken the hair you have with state-of-the-art volumizing technology to create hair that looks and feels up to 40% thicker after just one use. Plus, Fine Solutions works continuously at the scalp level to unclog blocked hair follicles that suffocate the scalp to promote fuller and healthier hair growth over time.

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Starter Kit Conents :
Step 1 - Cleansing Shampoo Chemically-Treated - 4 oz
Gently exfoliates and cleanses the scalp to prepare it for healthy hair growth. Its Deep cleansing action helps unclog blocked follicles and remove build-up and DHT from the scalp. Leaves hair noticeably fuller and thicker. Safe to use on chemically-treated hair.

Step 2 - Fortifying Conditioner Chemically-Treated - 4 oz
Provides weightless conditioning while moisturizing and revitalizing hair. Its deep penetrating and conditioning power leaves hair in optimum condition. Safe to use on chemically-treated hair.

Step 3 - Scalp Treatment For Advanced Signs Of Thinning Hair - 1.7 oz
A potent leave-in root nourishing serum that stimulates circulation by accelerating the flow of vital, oxygen-rich blood to the scalp. Creates an optimum environment for growing stronger, fuller and thicker hair. Developed specifically for people with advanced signs of thinning hair.

Bain De Terre Fine Solutions Starter Kit