DMC Do Me Care Deep Cleansing Pack / Mask


What it is:
The cleansing pack offers an ideal way to gently exfoliate the skin. Perfect for all skin types, it can remove impurities, deeply clean pores, leaving your skin smooth. It can also soothe the skin and moisturize the skin. Featuring smooth, emollient, botanical formula, this DMC Deep Cleansing Facial Mask deeply cleans your skin without drying. Natural charcoal powder refines and revitalizes the skin while premium whitening essence tones and improves skin's texture and feel. Particularly suitable for oily skin, it benefits all skin types. Your skin will be renewed and invigorated after deep cleansing of blackheads and spots. Additionally, you can also put it in the fridge to enjoy an icy mask in hot days. Long-term use can improve the pores problem.

Take appropriate amount and apply directly over the whole face (apply thickly). After 30 minutes, scraping with a stick included, then rinse with water. If your skin is dry, can be directly mix with emulsion (about 5ml) and apply to whole face. If your skin is oily, can be directly placed the mask in refrigerator first. With a cool, toning effect.
Dist.Water. Glyceryl Polyacrylate. Witch Hazel Extract. Cucumber Extract.EGX-244(Wild Chamomile Extract/Roman Chamomile Extract/Cornflower Extract / ST John's Wort Extract/ Marygold Extract /Limetree Extract).Propylene Glycol. Bamboo Charcoal Powder. Methylisothiazolinone.Edetate Di-Sodium. Iodopropynyl butyl carbamate. Fragrance.
DMC Do Me Care Deep Cleansing Pack / Mask