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Dr. Miracle's Braid Relief Spray Formula

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30157-Gentle-Strength, 30157-Regular-Strength, 30157-Super-Strength, 30157-Super-Strength
Dr. Miracle's Braid Relief Spray Formula

Use this spray after weaving, braiding, or locking by spraying directly onto the scalp. It soothes the tension and itching of the scalp that usually accompany these styles. Daily use will provide relief between hair washing while adding sheen to length of braids or locks.

  • Ends tightness, itching, dryness and all scalp irritation.
  • Adds luster and sheen to your hair.
  • Promotes blood flow to the scalp helping to end slow growth problems.
  • Strengthens, conditions and moisturizes hair and scalp.
  • Gentle Strength Formula is excellent for kids and folks that need a less intense tingling sensation.

    Use: For best results use daily or whenever scalp tightness, itching, dryness or irritation exists. First spray directly onto scalp, targeting areas that need it most. Massage gently. Then spray onto braids, locks, twists or weaves to condition, moisturize and shine.

    Available in 6 oz

  • Dr. Miracle's Braid Relief Spray Formula