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DS Laboratories Vexum SL Double-Chin Reducer


DS Laboratories Vexum SL Double-Chin Reducer

Indicated for men and women developing unsightly double chins, Vexum.SL offers a quick, affordable, scientifically proven alternative to that thick flabby tissue that hangs between the lateral branches of the lower jaw. The breakthrough topical formula even helps to stave off looming face-lift surgery.

Proven through clinical trials, Vexum.SL reduces the thickness, volume, and appearance of a double chin, while restoring normal contour to the upper neck. Vexum.SL works because it contains polymannuronate and prolamins to tighten skin on contact, plus glaucine to reduce lipid storage over the long term.

Glaucine. Preservative-free glaucine, a water-soluble crystalline alkaloid from the botanical Glaucium flavum, stimulates lipolysis and inhibits the formation of new adipocytes by regulating calcium flow, according to clinical studies.

In vitro, the multifunctional molecule is observed to slow adipocyte maturation by 62 to 93 percent and to reduce lipid storage by 36 to 86 percent, depending on dosage. Glaucine's inhibitory power is measured through the activity of a specific marker, G3PDH, in human pre-adipocyte cultures.

Its effectiveness in diminishing extant fat, meanwhile, can be witnessed with a microscope, as the size of lipid vesicles contract visibly. Cultured with glaucine, the contractile properties of adipocytes are observed after just six days of incubation, as fat tissue gets replaced by a tissue possessing fibroblastic characteristics.

In live tests, 25 female volunteers applied an emulsion to their chins twice daily for 56 days. Double-chin volume was measured by FOITS technique, and thickness of the fatty tissue was measured by echography. As a result, 88 percent of the subjects dropped a measurable thickness of double-chin fat, and 64 percent enjoyed a significant one-to-two-milliliter decrease in volume.

water, glycerin, coco-glucoside, caprylyl glycol, alcohol, glaucine, hydrolyzed celosia cristata flower/seed extract, hydrolyzed prunella vulgaris extract, carnitine*, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, caffeine*, alcohol, carbomer, benzyl alcohol, magnesium nitrate, magnesium chloride, phenoxyethanol, sorbic acid, sodium hydroxide, glycerin, fragrance, hydroxyethylcellulose, and diethylhexyl sebacate.

*These ingredients feature proprietary nanosome encapsulation for better penetration and effectiveness.
For best results, apply 2 pumps in your hand and massage into the area under the chin, twice daily. It is best to apply after cleansing morning and night.
DS Laboratories Vexum SL Double-Chin Reducer