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Kenra Color Simply Blonde Clay Lightener


What it is:
A collection of high-performance lighteners, toners, and ultra lifts that provide radiant, reliable results every time. Take the guesswork out of blonding with every tool you need for the most demanding of hair color clients. This easy-to-use collection provides precision application and simple formulating for optimal blonding.

What it does:

  • Simple: easy-to-use tools & techniques for the most demanding of color clients.
  • Reliable: our signature Lift Control Tone performance provides radiant results, every time.
  • Versatile: the collection offers endless creativity, because every blonde is unique.
  • Inspiring Loyalty: be the stylist behind the blonde your client simply falls in love with.


What else you need to know:

  • Lift up to 7 levels in one application with a thick, creamy application, no foil or plastic necessary.
  • Balayage your blondes with ease and precision.


Kenra Color Simply Blonde Clay Lightener
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