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Kerastase Age Premium Dietary Supplements

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Kerastase Age Premium Daily Hair Cycle Support Dietary Supplements

For women over 50, hormonal changes can cause the hair cycle to become irregular, resulting in a loss of density, strength and shine. Through micro-circulation, Age Premium Nutrients deliver actives to help regulate the life cycle of the hair while promoting thicker, denser and stronger hair.

Clinically Demonstrated Results:
1) Hair quality improvement observed by 70% of users: Visible improvements in strength, shine, density, and volume
2) Support of the Hair cycle: Users experienced a 10% increase of hair in the growth phase

Use: Take 1 tablet and 1 capsule per day with a meal, for at least 8 weeks (16 weeks for best results). If taking iron supplements, it is preferable to consume Age Premium at least 3 hours before or after in order to optimize absorption.

Technology: Zinc is indispensible for the production of keratin, an essential component of the hair. Fish and blackcurrant seed oils, sources of Omegas 3 & 6, help promote the exchange of nutrients essential for optimal hair growth. Vitamins C & E are anti-oxidants necessary to help protect the hair follicle.

Kerastase Age Premium Dietary Supplements