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Kin Kinactif Equilibre BI-Phase Conditioning Treatment

Hair Care / Treatments & Masques / Dry & Damaged

What it is:
Bi-Phase Equilibre is an instant conditioner treatment with special moistrurizing and balancing action for hair that is dry, dehydrated or brittle due to the effects of dyes, perms and lightening techniques.

What it does:
Its innovative formula is based on a multiactive triple combination(silk amino acids, provitamin B5 and wheat proteins)that nourishes, moisturizes and balances both the internal and extranel part of the hair shaft, due to the stimltaneous effect of its two active phases.

Shake to mix well. Apply after shampooing and towel-drying hair. Ho not rinse. Style as desired.
Kin Kinactif Equilibre BI-Phase Conditioning Treatment
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