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Leyla Milani Big Hair Don't Care Volumizing Hair Powder


What it is:
This lightweight, yet powerful hair powder lifts and adds major volume to any hair type. This invisible “fairy dust” goes on completely translucent while providing a matte finish. Just a small amount works wonders to create, big, sexy, voluminous hair that lasts for days.

Style hair as desired and sprinkle a small amount in the area you wish to achieve fullness. Most common places include your crown or bangs. After sprinkling in your hair, use fingers to scrunch and move hair in any direction to achieve the look you want. For extra lift and volume, sprinkle powder directly on roots then tease and/or massage in. Want even more volume? Flip your hair upside down and sprinkle powder over entire head, then flip back and scrunch. Finish by spraying a light amount of our Hold It Right There hair spray and you're set! Big Hair Don't Care is a fine powder that delivers major results. You need very little amount to achieve volume. Do not apply to wet hair. Can be applied on dry hair before or after styling.
Leyla Milani Big Hair Don't Care Volumizing Hair Powder