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Matrix SoColor SoBlur Haircolor

Hair Color & Treatments / Hair Color / Semi & Demi Permanent Hair Color
Matrix SoColor SoBlur Haircolor is a hair color solution for those who have encountered a hair color disaster. With its color contrast correcting filter, this product can quickly and effectively correct unwanted tones in your hair.

The SoColor SoBlur Haircolor comes in four different color options: brighten clear, cool purple, warm gold, and mute ash. Each color option serves a unique purpose and can address specific color issues. The cool purple shade is designed to eliminate warmth and yellow tones, while the mute ash shade can eliminate both red and orange tones. The brighten clear shade lifts the hair without adding any tone, while the warm gold shade lifts the hair while canceling out brass tones.

Despite its powerful color correction abilities, this haircolor is ammonia-free, ensuring a gentle and non-damaging application. It can lift hair color up to one shade and deposit color inside the strands, providing a natural and seamless result.

Using Matrix SoColor SoBlur Haircolor is quick and easy. It only takes 5-15 minutes to achieve a fantastic color result. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to use this product with a developer.

Please note that the packaging of this product may appear different due to manufacturer updates. Additionally, while the shade name may differ, as long as the shade number is correct, the color will be correct as well. For example, shade 6A may be labeled as "light brown ash" or "dark blonde ash," but it is the same color described differently.

Say goodbye to hair color disasters and hello to stunning, corrected tones with Matrix SoColor SoBlur Haircolor. Experience the fast and effective color correction this product offers, and enjoy a vibrant and natural-looking hair color that will make heads turn.
Matrix SoColor SoBlur Haircolor