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Milkshake Creative Permanent Color


What it is:
The New Advanced Creative Permanent Colour Formulation - Containts the innovative amino acid complex : a complex of 18 amino acids derived from wheat and soybean that replace any use of animal derived keratin.

What it does:
A consious choice to ensure the high quality of the product and its effective performance on hair, without any compromises. Nature merges with technology in order to bring brightness, protection and vitality to hair.

  • Increases elasticity and it strenthens
  • Increases brightness and the health
  • Hydrates and reduced the frizzy effect


What else you need to know:

  • NATURALS - it is a colour series studied to offer a delicate and natural grey hair coverage: their formula has been calibrated in order to give a light and cold lightening that delicately contrasts warm tones.
  • MORE NATURALS - in their formula, the presence of the three primary colours is balanced, colours are perfectly neutral and it is dedicated to customers that desire more drastic grey hair coverage.
  • EXOTICS - it is a brown colours series characterized by a perfect balance of golden-copper tones, to create natural and warm tones.
  • SENSUAL WARMS - characterized by a particular mixing of warm and cold tones, they create refined, rich, deep and vibrant tones.
  • ASH - characterized by cold blue and violet tones. Recommended in order to strongly neutralize undesired warm tones, from gold to red and to create cold effects.
  • BEIGE - characterized by ash and gold mixed tones, they create balanced lightening that satisfy those who want cold tones, while maintaining the typical brightness of gold tones. Their use is ideal to characterize every level of blond.
  • PURE GOLD - characterized by strong gold tones. Their use is recommended to create results with gold and intense tones and to neutralize undesired cold tones.
  • COPPER - characterized by intense copper tones, the colours are extremely brilliant. They are recommended for pre-pigmentation services or to control cold tones.
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Milkshake Creative Permanent Color