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Molto Bene B:OCE CS Treatment

Hair Care / Treatments & Masques / Normal & All Hair Types
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21634-35-3-oz-liter-pump, 21634-35-3-oz-liter-refill, 21634-8-8-oz, 21634-8-8-oz
Molto Bene B:OCE CS Treatment for fine hair

Designed with silk proteins and amino acids for colored hair, CS shampoo and treatment add moisture to dry damaged hair without compromising vibrancy of color.

Colors fade as the pH level of the hair becomes either acid or alkali heavy. Acid heavy hair causes cuticles to open, allowing color to leak out. Alkali heavy causes the bonds to break, resulting in dull colors. By neutralizing and maintaining the pH level in the hair, colors last longer vibrant and hair is softer and shinier.

Similar to CC with nearly identical ingredients, but does not add as much moisture so does not weigh fine hair down.

Molto Bene B:OCE CS Treatment