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Molto Bene B:OCE Repair Keep SR

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Molto Bene B:OCE Repair Keep SR protects and fortifies damaged hair while preventing frizz.

Special care damage control nourishes damage both from the inside and the cuticle caused by chemical straightening and straight perm. Prevents coarseness, dryness, hair breaking and split ends. Contains damage caring ingredients (creatine, hydrolyzed wheat protein) Easy styling Moisturizing ingredients with high moisture keeping power will fix the roots of hair with frizz to ease straightening. Contains oligosaccharide moisturizing ingredient raffinose. Straightness maintaining Forms film around cuticles and helps straightness last longer.Contains hydrolyzed silk. Perfect luster and softness Makes hair soft, combable and glossy.Contains pearl essence hydrolyzed conchiolin. Favorable fragrance Fruity fragrance of pear.

Use: Spread through palms and apply throughout hair. Style hair while blow drying.

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Molto Bene B:OCE Repair Keep SR