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NCLA Box Nail Lacquers

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What it is:
Give into your sweet tooth and indulge in NCLA's all new Sugar Shop box. The luxuriously sweet experience begins as soon as you open the box to reveal six Spring nail lacquers.

What it does:
The Sugar Shop set includes 5 delicately opaque pastels and 1 sugary bright glitter confection that have all made their way through the candy factory.


    Bubble Trouble: This luscious bubblegum pink shade finishes to a bright and shiny look in just two coats with its opaque formula.
      All Sugar No Spice: Discover the sweetest candy coated confection, all packed in one bottle. This super luxe formula can be worn alone or over a color for a sugary bright finish!
        Macaron Bloom: Although not edible, you'll want to bite into this sweet as ever pastel purple nail lacquer. The pigmented pastel has an opaque, rich finish in just two coats!
          Bite Size Blueberry: Make your nails pop with this bright periwinkle blue pastel. The opaque formula applies to a finish in two coats, and packs enough sweetness to last you through the week.
            Candy Necklace: Delight your nails with this pastel orange pop of color! The soft shade of orange has just the right concoction to apply in two opaque coats.
              Lemonade: Sweet and sour! It's the only way to get what you want! Brighten up your look with this vibrantly pastel yellow that's concocted with only the sweetest ingredients to make the perfect yellow shade.

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NCLA Box Nail Lacquers
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