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Oway Hblonde Hair Bath


What it is:
Oway Hblonde Hair Bath eliminates impurities and pollutants in blonde, lightened, grey and white hair. Formulated with a brightening alchemy of Biodynamic Dock, Organic Mullein and Ethical Date Oil, this brilliant restorative blend is rich in purple pigments that immediately contrast unwanted yellow and golden tones for the purest, truest blonde.

What it does:

  • Neutralizes undesirable gold/yellow tones
  • Eliminates impurities and pollutants in all hair types
  • Restores hydration for increased hair fiber elasticity
  • Protects hair against oxidation for the brightest, shiniest blonde and silver
  • Packaged in infinitely recyclable, luxurious amber glass to protect ingredient integrity
  • Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Gluten-Free


What else you need to know:
Key Ingredients:

  • ULTRAVIOLET NEUTRALIZING AGENTS help improve shine and purity in blonde and grey hair. The intense purple color contrasts unwanted yellow and orange tones for a blonde that lasts.
  • BIODYNAMIC DOCK has high concentrations of iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium that work together to strengthen and revitalize the hair fiber. Ideal amounts of Vitamins A and C regenerate strands and provide antioxidants to compromised locks.
  • ETHICAL DATE OIL is an ultra-moisturizing and restorative elixir that helps hair maintain ultimate hydration levels. It nourishes for long lasting improvement of the hair, while flavonoids protect against environmental aggressors.
  • ORGANIC MULLEIN is a naturally photoluminescent botanical with an ability to absorb and transform light into incredible brightness. It protects the hair against damaging UV rays and delivers color radiance and shine.


Oway Hblonde Hair Bath
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