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Philip B Shin Shine

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Philip B Shin Shine

PHILIP B Shin Shine Mist is a multi-use aromatic shine enhancing and detangling mist with the Essence of Green Tomato. PHILIP B Shin Shine allows you to comb out the most tangled hair with ease by applying a few light mists onto wet, towel-dried hair. Shin Shine is an anti-humectant shine-finishing mist that locks out humidity from re-entering the hairshaft after blow-drying, giving your hair a sleek, protective finish. PHILIP B Shin Shine Mist moisturizes, rejuvenates, and restores while protecting your hair with a much-needed humidity barrier. Shine on!

Directions: Before combing and blow-drying, mist PHILIP B Shin Shine from 8-10 inches onto your wet hair; Shin Shine allows you to comb through the most tangled hair with incredible ease! Versatile PHILIP B Shin Shine gives you shiny straight, defined curls or sleek waves! PHILIP B Shin Shine takes you to styling heaven. For dry hair: Mist a very light cloud of PHILIP B Shin Shine 8-10 inches from your finished hair style for a shiny glow. Either way, You will shine like a star!

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Philip B Shin Shine