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Philip B Shinade Pomade

Philip B Shinade Pomade

For fine to medium hair types, PHILIP B Shinade Pomade is a light, water-based, versatile texturizing and shaping pomade that dries to a semi-matte finish. Whether you have an edgy textural cut, or straight, sleek blown-dried hair, a dab of PHILIP B Shinade Pomade can tame the wispiest flyaways, separate, texturize & accent your hair giving you a confident, finished style. PHILIP B Shinade Pomade is a fresh, scent-sational combination of natural ingredients, including Glycerine, Soybean & Coconut polymers, that work to help you achieve your perfect style. Paraben Free Formula.

Directions: Warm pomade between palms of hands and apply to damp or dry hair - a small amount will help you to achieve your look. The density and style of your hair will help to determine how much Shinade Pomade you should use. After blow-drying; apply a dab of Shinade Pomade to long hair to tame pesky flyaways or apply a bit more to add edgy, cool texture. For a short hair style, apply a dab and mold to perfection with your fingertips.

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Philip B Shinade Pomade