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PPT Do Wave Xavie TG/CYS Waving Lotion

Hair Color & Treatments / Perms

PPT Do Wave Xavie TG/CYS Waving Lotion

PPT-Do wave perm is ideal for damaged hair. These cysteine solutions are infused with the PPT-do treatments to enrich hair with proteins vital to maintaining curls during and after the perming process.

Directions for Use:
Step 1, Thioglycol/Cysteine/2-Step Method: While applying 80ml of Waving Lotion on hair per person, wind hair on rods, put a cap on hair, for 10-15 minutes and do test curl. Then, wash hair with water.

Step 2, Bromic Acid type/2-Step Method: After treatment of Waving Lotion finished, apply 40ml of Neutralizer twice on hair, 80ml in all per person. Leave it on hair for 10-15 minutes and then remove rods and wash hair with water.

PPT Do Wave Xavie TG/CYS Waving Lotion
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