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Prejume Styling Wax 5

Hair Care / Styling & Finishing / Pomade, Pastes, Wax

What it is:
Prejume Styling Wax 5 series provide different levels of hold & texture with a light, non-sticky feel and remains workable once applied.

What it does:
Styling Wax 5 is for Strong hold to shape and texturize hair.

Directions: Spread product on your palm and then apply to your hair and style. (Make sure to keep Wax pots closed tightly when not in use.)

Most styling waxes absorb moisture throughout the day, which weighs hair down and leaves it flat. The unique formulation of Prejume Styling Wax wraps the wax with tiny beads. This prevents it from absorbing moisture and results in a light weight finish that lasts all day.

Product Options Available are as follows:
Prejume Styling Wax 5