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Punky Colour Brush and Glove Kit


What it is:
The Ultimate Punky Colour Tool Kit! Create Limitless Punky Colour looks with this multipurpose color brush while keeping your hands color-free with reusable gloves. Ideal for bleaching, highlighting, streaking, and tinting. Includes NEW Glitter tinting brush and a pair of our NEW Nitrile Gloves. NEW GLITTER TINT BRUSH Special, soft graded bristles for ease on scalp when applying color or bleach. Special grip at mouth of brush for comfortable application Fun, trending glitter color tint brush that customers will love.

What else you need to know:
Nitrile Gloves with – SILVER/GRAY Non-latex, disposable, nitrile gloves Powder free Gray Pearl color 4.7 ml thickness (super strong!) Easy slide on, slide off Excellent resistance to wear and tears.

Punky Colour Brush and Glove Kit