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Salerm Kids & Care Kit

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What it is:
Salerm Cosmetics presents Kids&Care, the first cosmetic treatment aimed at children. The range offers two kit for protection and prevention designed to put a stop to unwanted surprises on youngsters heads.

What it does:
The elimination kit is made up of a lice lotion that acts on live lice and helps to detach nits and a shampoo with essential tea tree oil that prevents unwanted surprises in children’s hair.

What else you need to know:
The shampoo can be used daily or as frequently as desired. The kit also includes a nit comb to eliminate the eggs or nits. For action to be effective it’s necessary to apply the complete elimination kit (lotion + shampoo) and comb the hair daily. After 7 days evaluate the results and reapply only if the infestation has returned or persists.

Salerm Kids & Care Kit
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