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Satin Smooth Nice N Neat Deluxe Cream Formula Replacement Cartridges

Skin / Hair Removal / Wax Pots
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What is this product?
The innovative Satin Smooth Cartridge Waxing System offers our Deluxe Cream Wax in convenient and easy to use large replacement cartridges. Attach a large cartridge to a Clean & Easy Roll-On Applicator to make application to large areas smooth and easy.

More info:
The vitamins and rich emollients in this deluxe wax benefit dehydrated skin and make removing coarse, curlier and more stubborn hair especially comfortable for African American and Latino clients.

Glyceryl Roinate, Paraffinum Liquium, Cera Alba, Cera Microcristallina
Remove wax container lid before placing into hand-held warmer. Place wax cartridge container into hand-held warmer pressing down firmly so that the entire cartridge fits deep into the heating chamber. Turn on the Satin Smooth Nice N Neat Single Cartridge Wax Warmer to the maximum high setting. This will produce a rapid heat up and melt wax quickly. Once wax is melted turn the dial down to medium. Allow 20-30 minutes for the wax to stabilize to a usable temperature before applying to skin. Never apply the wax on the skin if the warmer has been left on high. Test the wax on a large non-woven cloth strip. Hold until upside down or at a 45 degree angle. Apply wax from the top to the bottom of the cloth. If the wax applies easy to the cloth, it is ready to be used.
Satin Smooth Nice N Neat Deluxe Cream Formula Replacement Cartridges

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