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Tools For Beauty Kashoki 200 Kabuki Powder Brush


What it is:
The Kabuki Brush is perfect for loose powders. Dense, synthetic bristles and rounded shape allow to gather the right amount of powder and gently apply it on your face for a flawless finish. Thanks to a practical case, you can have your Kabuki Brush always with you. It will be handy for makeup touch-ups during the day and the bristles will be protected from damage.

What it does:
The Kabuki Brush has been designed with attention to every detail and made of highest quality materials, such as taklon, copper and wood.

  • Soft and fluffy, ideal for loose powders
  • Comes with practical case for safe storage
  • Made of high quality, easy to clean taklon bristles
  • Copper ferrule does not deform


What else you need to know:
Care instructions: It is recommended to wash your make-up brushes at least once a week. Use warm soapy water or a mild detergent. Rinse well after washing. Try not to wet the wooden handle. Form the bristles into their original shape, and dry the brush in a horizontal position.

Tools For Beauty Kashoki 200 Kabuki Powder Brush
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