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Tri Structural Balance - Hydrating Shampoo is a unique, Sulfate-free shampoo that is formulated for daily use on all hair types to moisturize and correct structural imbalances in the hair. As it cleanses and moisturizes, it fortifies and protects the hair at the microscopic level. Through Structural Balance's patent-pending technology, it actually fortifies and rebalances the hair shaft with unprecedented Seek-and-Repair Action, creating uniform moisturization, strength and resiliency from the inside out, roots to end. Unlike other hair-repair shampoos, it restores hair to optimum health through a Unique Bonding System that prevents essential ingredients from washing out. Better Together... Daily Hydrating Conditioner is the perfect complimentary product to use immediately after the Hydrating Shampoo.
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Tri Structural Balance - Hydrating Shampoo

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