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Cloud Nine The O Rollers

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What it is:
Using revolutionary technology, the O rollers by Cloud Nine Hair heat up in less than four seconds, and thanks to the unique induction heating system, they heat from the core, so they are hot in the hair, not in the hand.

What it does:
As they are soft grip, pins are not essential, and with several sizes available, you can create everything from subtle natural curls to styles full of volume, bounce, and body.

What else you need to know:
The O Pod sold separately.

  • Heat rollers in O pod. (The O Pod sold separately.)
  • Start with dry hair, since your hair won't hold curls if you use this method with wet hair. Spray your hair all over with hairspray, which will help define your curls as the hot rollers go to work.
  • Dividing your hair into sections can help you manage the rollers and make sure everything gets curled properly, especially if your hair is very long and thick.
  • Starting in the front, take a section of hair and wrap it around the first roller. Roll your hair back toward your head so that the front of your hair pulls away from your forehead and over the roller. Secure the roller in place with a roller pin of the appropriate size. Continue rolling your hair until you've rolled the entire middle section of hair.
  • Start at the top of your head and wrap a section of hair around a hot roller. Roll it tightly toward your head so that it rests horizontally just above your forehead, then pin it in place with a pin of the appropriate size. Continue rolling sections of hair, working your way down your head to your neck. Repeat with the hair on the other side of your head until all of your hair has been rolled.
  • Spray your hair and let the curls set.
  • Take off the pins and let your curls fall away from the rollers. Use your fingers to separate and fluff up your curls. For added hold, spray your hair once more with hair spray.
  • Cloud Nine The O Rollers

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