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DevaCurl DevaGloves

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What it is:
DevaGloves by Devacurl have ten soft microfiber fingers that provide a smooth surface that surround curls to absorb just enough water to allow DevaCurl styling products to set curls, keeping them frizz free and intact.

What it does:
Designed to gently dry dense curls and delicate ringlets. DevaGloves give all hair curl types added definition.

After cleansing and hydrating, tilt head forward and scrunch hair gently in an upward motion to remove excess water.
Distribute DevaCurl styling product as directed. Place the DevaGloves on your hands and scrunch in an upward motion toward the scalp to remove some of the excess water weight from the curls.
Gently bring your head to an upright position, letting the curls fall naturally, and finish styling as desired
DevaCurl DevaGloves