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DevaCurl No-Poo Blue

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What it is:
If you have color-treated curls, this non-lathering, toning cleanser with the Smart Porosity Neutralizing Complex helps equalize porosity for instant uniform toning that helps reduce brassiness. Leaves curls vibrant, nourished, bouncy and shiny.

What it does:
No-Poo Blue® should be used to tone brassy curls. The effects of No-Poo Blue® last up to 3 washes and too frequent use of No-Poo Blue could over-tone the hair. Our Devachan colorists recommend using every 2-3 washes, alternating with your regular cleanser.

For more toning, leave on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing

What else you need to know:
If you look at the color wheel, each color can be neutralized by the color that is opposite it on the wheel. Purple is opposite yellow. Lighter hair color has underlying yellow tones when lifted, which is why it’s ideal to use purple cleansers to help counteract those yellow tones. If you’re brunette, your hair has underlying orange tones when lifted. Blue is opposite orange on the color wheel which is why No-Poo Blue is the perfect cleanser to help reduce those brassy orange tones.

DevaCurl No-Poo Blue
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