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Diamond Way Ayurveda Kansa Face & Body Wand


What it is:
An ancient Ayurvedic face massage tool that has been used in India for hundreds of years to naturally lift, sculpt, contour and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. An artisan sculpted wood handle capped with high vibrational bronze metals (a combination of copper and tin). This sacred metal blend is believed to be very healing, energizing and uplifting to the mind and spirit.

What it does:
On a physical level, the Kansa Wands deliver a gentle face and body lift treatment while visibly pulling out acidity from the tissues. Your face and body will appear brighter, tighter, relaxed and rejuvenated. On a more subtle level , the energetics of copper balances the chakras, vital energy points and meridians.

What else you need to know:
The Graying Effect. On certain skin types, you may notice a graying of the skin that will surface as the bronze draws acids and toxins from the tissues. It is a harmless chemical and mechanical reaction. This can happen if the person consumes more acidic foods, is experiencing high levels of stress and/or emotions. Just wipe off after the treatment with a wet wipe or a damp wash cloth.

Great for holistic health practitioners, massage therapists, estheticians, yoga therapists. How to Clean: With a damp cloth and baking soda. Avoid harsh chemicals and detergents.

This size face and body want works well on the head, neck, shoulder and back. Use it in clockwise circles over the joints and up and down over the long bones. Apply custom Diamond Way Ayurveda Body Oils for an enhanced effect.
Diamond Way Ayurveda Kansa Face & Body Wand