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Echosline Maqui 3 All-In Shampoo


What it is:
Echosline Maqui 3 All-In Shampoo for Dry and Treated Hair.

What it does:
All-In Shampoo gently cleanses and hydrates the hair thanks to the Maqui extract, rich in antioxidants.

What else you need to know:
The hair will be extremely hydrated and nourished, without being weighed down. The Maqui berry, considered to be an “eternal youth” berry for the people of Patagonia, has a natural antioxidant action as it promotes circulation in the scalp, thus giving colour and shine to the hair. Maqui 3 is a compact, smart treatment. Thanks to the active ingredients of natural origin used, it meets the main needs of the hair through specific rituals.

Echosline Maqui 3 All-In Shampoo
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