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Echosline Phase 3 Ki Power Keratin Mask


What it is:
Echosline Phase 3 Ki Power Keratin Mask

What it does:
Due to external or internal elements or aggressive chemical treatments, the hair may need a special molecular reconstruction program. Ki Power keratin mask nourishes and re-plumps the hair, reconstructing it from within and closing the scales perfectly.

What else you need to know:
The hair will be soft, silky, elastic, full-bodied, shiny, reinvigorated and easy to comb. The direct addition of Keratin, the primary protein in the hair structure, provides a real reconstruction effect. Hyaluronic acid, a small, elastic molecule, enhances and amplifies the effect of Keratin, and helps fix it in the hair and plumps up smaller, hidden areas.

Echosline Phase 3 Ki Power Keratin Mask
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