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Enjoy Color Keeper

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What it is:
Enjoy Color Keeper is an exclusive Enjoy micro-emulsion additive that will increase the penetration, shine and longevity of all colors. This product helps to transport, then seal in color molecules with its incredible micro-emulsion technology. This means color penetrates better, lasts longer, and shines brighter than ever before.

Color Keeper contains amino functional silicone, an ingredient that gives haircolor the shine it needs to look vibrant. It even works as a detangler! Amino functional silicones are well known for their ability to improve deposition or depositing on negatively charged hair. It imparts shine due to its high refractive index, and the liquid nature ensures efficacy once it is delivered onto the hair. It's easily emulsified and is able to withstand a high pH environment, so it can be incorporated into haircolor, relaxer and permanent wave formulations. It also works well with conditioning treatments!

What it does:
Keep color looking brilliant with Enjoy Color Keeper ! This exclusive micro-emulsion additive will increase the penetration, shine and longevity of all color.

What else you need to know:
For extra-porous, damaged or frizzy hair, you may add more than one 2cc pre-measured pump.

Add approximately 2cc (one pre-measured pump) to a standard 2 oz. color application. This is highly recommended to achieve maximum results.
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Enjoy Color Keeper
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